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Monday, August 20, 2012

Exploring the Senses

When a normal child is attracted by an object, 
he fixes his whole attention intently upon it and continues to work 
without a break in a remarkable state of concentration.
--Maria Montessori

This is a Montessori unit (themed collection of activities) I made for the school.  


1.  Shape identification:  Glow in the dark pebbles (with flashlight) in boxes of various shapes (sight/visual)
2.  Olfactory matching:  Scented candles (smell) 
3.  Sound matching:  Different grains inside containers for shaking  (hearing/auditory)
4.  Shape identification:  Rainbow foam (also useful for art - as painting sponges) (sight/visual)
5.  Mystery bag (purchased):  (touch/tactile) 

Another example of Montessori shape work


1.  Auditory patterns:  Game like Simon (c).  Someone plays a tune with the wooden sticks (cups sound different), and another person recreates the sounds (hearing/auditory)

2.  Wallpaper matching:  Children can match by either color or pattern (sight/visual)

Another example of Montessori matching work

3.  Spool patterns:  Place spools on the string in order (control cards show different patterns) (sight/visual)

Other examples of Montessori pattern activities

4.  Sense matching:  Match pictures with the sense they stimulate or label objects in the environment

Another example of a Montessori matching activity

Practical Life

1.  Hands & feet water work:  Use an eyedropper to place colored water in small suction cups (sight/visual)
2.  Cedar ball transfer:  Move balls from one bowl to another using a spoon (smell/olfactory)
3.  Bell transfer:  See ball transfer (hearing/auditory)
4.  Rainbow velcro:  Matching or care of self (learning to stick and pull off velcro (like shoes)) (touch/tactile         & sight/visual)

Another example of a Montessori water dropper activity

Other examples of Montessori transferring activities


1.  Counting carpet squares:  Place cut carpet squares in order (1 is a square, 1 is cut into 2 pieces, 1 is cut into 3, up to 5)

Another example of a Montessori quantity activity

2.  Counting plastic sliders (Linear counting):  Count plastic pieces as you slide them.  Use with other objects, if desired (move a piece, place an object).
3.  Counting links in a chain:  See #2 (1-10)
4.  Counting knots on a leather string:  See #2
5.  Counting sections on a piece of fabric:  See #2 (1-10)
6.  Fabric numbers (symbols):  Numbers 1-10 cut out of suede (used to label quantities of objects or any of activities #2-5)

Other examples of Montessori linear counting work - quantity (& symbol) 

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