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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Introducing - My Montessori Materials

I just finished my year-long Montessori internship, and I got my Early Childhood credential (for ages 3-6 years) from AMS (hooray!).  I had so much fun making materials that I want to make more (but I can't keep them all...).

Plus, I started a game and activity library so moms and teachers can borrow learning games, puzzles, flashcards, and Montessori activities for kids 3 & up.  Once they are finished, they can check out different materials (low cost, little storage, very earth-friendly).

For more pictures of the items in my learning activity library, go to  If you are interested in purchasing homemade Montessori materials, please email me at  My post on 12/4/12 is all about supplies for sale.

Disclaimer - I'm still pretty new, and I cannot guarantee Montessori accuracy.  My intent is to interest and educate children, not to conform exactly to particular standards.

I have a little guy (5), who starts kindergarten next year, and a big girl (7) who attends a Montessori charter school.

I aim to focus on finding and making educational/Montessori inspired activities, using green and repurposed materials, for preschool and school-aged children (ages 3-12), and helping moms find the right materials for their children and learn how to use them.

The theme of my synthesis (final) project was Nursery Rhymes, so many of the activities I show at first will be based on rhymes.  One of the purposes is to teach the rhymes, so saying rhymes is part of the activity.  All of the synthesis works have a full page write-up of directions, hand motions, songs, etc.

Practical Life

Cross Patch (draw the latch)
Practical Life Pouring Work

Another example of Montessori pouring work

Rub a Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub
Practical Life Water/Cleaning Activity (soap, rinse, dry)

This Little Piggy Went to Market
Practical Life Shoe Fastening

Little Jack Horner
Practical Life  Coordination of Wrist
(not shown:  beans)

Little Miss Muffet
Practical Life Transferring Activity
(not shown: beans & spoon)

Another example of Montessori transfer work and spoons (& scoops) for transferring

Jack be Nimble
Practical Life Metal Polishing

Another example of  Montessori silver polishing


An Apple a Day 
Sensorial (Visual/Tactile)

Bobby Shaftoe's Gone to Sea
Sensorial (Visual)

Three Blind Mice
Sensorial Mystery Box

Other examples of  Montessori mystery bags


One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Math (Linear Counting 11-20)


Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have You Been?
Language Spacial Relationship

To Market to Market (to buy a fat pig)
Language Activity 
(make a rubbing/learn the rhyme/trace the house with a stylus/Qtip)

Other examples of  Montessori crayon rubbing and tracing with a stylus

I Love Little Kitty (her coat is so warm)
Language Matching Picture to Picture

Another example of Montessori picture to picture matching

Pat a Cake
(mark it with a c, 
throw it in the oven for camel and me)

Old Mother Hubbard
Language Matching

Other examples of  Montessori rhyming work

Simple Simon (met a pieman)
Language (or Cultural)
(place raised letter disks on pink papers or swap equivalent coins)

Wise Old Owl
Language Patterns
(not shown:  pattern control cards)

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Language Matching Object to Picture
Sensorial color tablet matching with a book

Other examples of  Montessori object to picture matching


Tortillitas de Manteca
Cultural (Spanish Nursery Rhyme)
(making tortillas from playdough/masa)

March Winds and April Showers
Cultural (Seasons)
Sorting Work

Other examples of Montessori sorting work

Thirty Days Hath September
Cultural (Seasons)
(sort magnets of holidays by seasons)

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