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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carpet Diem

The driving force, that is the spontaneous psychic activity,
in our case arises from the education of the senses 
and is maintained by the intelligence on an observer.
--Maria Montessori

Sensorial - Visual

Hue Matching (like Color Boxes)

Exact matches

Montessori Color Box 2

Sorting by color

Not exact matches

Sorting dark, medium, and light

Dark and light color matching

More complex...

Montessori Color Box 7 (top 2)

Consider many different browns

Teach the color wheel or rainbow colors

Warm colors and cool colors

Sensorial - Tactile

Differentiating textures

Texture Matching (like Fabric Boxes) 

(3 sets are shown in last pic)
Start with a few, and do more challenging work after that.

Fabric Box

Focusing on textures

They are similar in color

Jumping work (large motor)

My kids having a blast with the jumping activity:

The Process

How did I get from this pile of carpet to that one?

By employing the skills these activities will teach children.  First I divided them by type of carpet (pic 1) then I created the activities:

I kept some carpet for sitting on or jumping activities:

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