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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where are the pink cubes?

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Nine posts and not a pink cube to be seen.  How is your site related to Montessori?

First of all, Maria Montessori made a lot of new materials.  She was an innovator, and she incorporated others' good ideas, too.  She had a solid background, observed the children, introduced novel educational tools, solved problems, and adjusted things as she regularly reviewed them.

I just completed my Montessori Early Childhood Credential in June.  The instruction, over almost 2 years, included classes and an internship.  I learned about philosophy, materials, and practical matters.  I also made materials as part of the training.

This blog would not be recommended by many Montessorians because they are very careful and detail oriented, which has its place - We do not want Montessori's ideas to be lost.  Instead of focusing on the original materials, for which there are many blogs and resources, I would like to explore (in the spirit of creatively using the resources we have) the world of finding things children are attracted to and helping them learn the same Montessori lessons, in a Montessori friendly or inspired way.

Using the work outside the classroom will not produce the same learning experience, and I highly recommend the Montessori school experience.  Nevertheless, there are many parents, including those who homeschool, who are interested in incorporating Montessori materials into their educational routines.  Many of us can benefit from sharing the materials we acquire or create.

I am researching ways to share the activities I've made through a library or lending service, and I would love to have donations or acquisitions of traditional Montessori materials, which can be very expensive.  While I am using Montessori principles to make many activities, there are a number of educational materials that I like and would like to share, that are not Montessori related, and I still want them to be part of the library idea.

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