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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Homework fun

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your child's academic skills?  Are you looking for things your child can do to set up a great foundation for learning?  Are there weak areas that need to be shored up before he gets too far behind?  Has a teacher expressed concern about your child's progress in math or reading?  Would you like to see your child increase her concentration, coordination, sense of order, or independence?

These activities promote learning, and your child will ask to use them.  Once he's interested, he will repeat the steps again and again until he masters them.  These materials are especially effective when parents, or other caring people, spend time using them with children.

Practical Life




Develop vocabulary and speaking skills

Check out the moveable alphabet to spell these words, too. (Premium)

Writing boards (crayon/white board marker) $1 each


Game like Mastermind

Game like Sorry (includes marbles, if you have little ones)

Homemade stamp game ($10)

Multiplication checkerboard                                                           Snake game


Life skills...



Telling time

Zoology and Botany



                         Physical science                                                         Earth Science                                                           

Political geography (change the cubes to complete maps of countries on each continent)

Problem solving, strategy, thinking games

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