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Friday, October 26, 2012

Routines (Monday Family Fun Night)

Many of us are super busy, going here and there.  Our family has found it helpful to schedule an hour or so every Monday night for family time.  We take care of family business, talk about a topic like honesty or money management, and then play a game and share a treat.  Monday Family Fun Night is a great time to play games together, and we have some fun ones for you to enjoy.

Money for a lesson on saving, giving, and spending                UNO is fun for a variety of ages

Another family tradition is the bedtime routine.  Stories are always a good option.  For a while my daughter and I were doing a math or a Spanish minute as part of the routine.  That might be a convenient way to fit in a bit of fun skill practice.  What would you do in that minute?  Maybe you could watch a short video on how to use a Montessori material, listen to a song about countries, or use a math wrapping material.  I have lots of ideas, and I can personalize them according to your interests and preferences.  Let me know what you want!

Maybe it would help to have an activity on hand for just before dinnertime, when the kids are restless and you are busy.

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