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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Library is Open!

Happy Birthday to us - 10/11/12!

**Limited time offer** Donations = Credits:  All approved donations of educational materials in good condition (including family games) are worth (1st donation:) $3 off a 1 year membership (2nd-5th:) $3 credit each toward fines and purchases (5+:) case by case basis  

Here's how it works:

1.  Parents sign up for membership
2.  Parents request materials (on Pinterest, by email, in person)
3.  Items are brought to pick up (given to parents at school or at the local library).  Items are due 1 month after check out.  

Membership: puzzles, games, learning activites ($20 refundable deposit)
Expensive materials, activities with a lot of pieces, and books may require additional deposit

Refundable deposits may be requested at any time, after all materials have been returned and fees paid.

Application Form, Learning Activity Use Policy:
My Montessori Materials Liability Waiver:


Customer survey

Please help me meet your needs by answering a few short questions:


Codes for requesting activities

Link to Google doc index of all activities

Codes for activities are also listed by their pictures on Pinterest:

Codes for requesting the materials:
* = included with a premium subscription 
PL = Practical Life (coordination, concentration, independence, and order, lots of reading/writing prep)
S = Sensorial (focus on the five senses, lots of math prep (dimensions))
L = Language (reading, writing, spelling, grammar, foreign language)
       LI = language prep (puzzles, matching, opposites, rhyming, relationships...)
M = Math (premath, linear, decimal, memorization)
C = Cultural (science (botany, zoology, anatomy), geography (physical, social Studies, political), history)
O = Other (art, music, outdoors...)


Activities for check out

Please be patient while I figure out how to post these pictures attractively.

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