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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homemade presents

Would you like to give homemade gifts this year?  I can make them for you!

I have been busy in my workshop creating safe, interesting activities for children, and I want to make more!  I just cut the prices on the materials in my Etsy shop (up to 40%)

If you'd like to borrow materials like this, and you're in the Bay Area, please join my lending library.

Practical Life

 Sorting Fruit/ Fine Motor coordination (tweezers)       Transfer bells using wooden spoon or tongs

Fall sorting activities (tweezers)                               Snowman Sorting/ Fine Motor (with tweezers) 


Spinning Wheels water work (coordination) 
(Pour the water in the top, use the baster to get it into the cup).

Sorting Stars                                         Rainbow Pompoms sorting with tongs activity

 Colorful pompom sorting activity


Sports Sequence activity (match the order)           Matching drums (box lid is also a game)

Alphabet beads (match, spelling, fine motor)


Number of Beads math activity (linear counting)  

 Addition Strip Board Activity (math)

Area and Perimeter squares


Learning Games


Hands on Activities

Games for the older kids (& parents)

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