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Friday, November 2, 2012

What do I do with this stuff?

I am collecting 3 minute videos to help parents use Montessori materials they may not be familiar with.  These will also be in the Google doc matched with the title and other information about each material.

Please ask for help if there is an item you want to use but don't know how.

Practical Life 

PL orientation
Pouring water
Squeezing sponges    
Dry pouring
Hand transfer
Transfer with a spoon
Transfer with tweezers
Transfer with tongs
Transfer with a ladle
Threading pasta
Rolling a rug
Transfer with a scoop
Pounding playdough
Sweeping (beans)
Table washing


Knobbed cylinders


Moveable alphabet
(sorry about the audio:)
Chalkboard activity
3 part card matching
Grammar / parts of speech
Sandpaper letters


Stamp game
Hundred board
Teen beads
Golden beads (Decimal system)
      Symbol & quantity
      Dynamic addition   
      Exchange game
      Bank (number cards)
Snake game
Multiplication checkerboard
Multiplication board


Hand washing

Not yet acquired (let me know if you'd like to use these)
Red rods
Polishing shoes
Division board
Addition strip board
Subtraction strip board
Small bead frame addition

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