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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I found some things for you

I love to buy Montessori materials.  I also love to buy and play games.  That's really strange to people who know me well, because I'm generally not a big shopper, and I work hard to avoid going to the store.  

But I have found myself with a dilemma:  What do I do with all these supplies?  I don't want to stop getting them, but I don't really need them, and I don't have room to store them.  My husband has been speaking up about it (He's been a really good sport).  I like posting on Pinterest, but I can't get as many new, novel things if some aren't also going out.

So I've been doing some research.  Should I sell them on Etsy (they have to be part of a work)? Should I sell supplies or activities on Montessori_Swap (a great place I just found on Yahoo for buying, selling, and swapping Montessori items)?  Could I find customers on Craigslist?  Can I find  someone who wants lots of good quality, interesting trays, bowls, etc., for one reason or another?

It has been exciting to see people are reading these postings.  I would also like to know what your interests are, so I can better address them.  

For now, enjoy these lovely images, and you can buy any work or item on this page by emailing me at (Payment is through Paypal, and prices do not include shipping).  All orders of 3 or more listings will receive 10% off shipping.  Please be aware that these items are secondhand treasures (not brand new), and their condition is used.

Bead star work $9                    Tray with beads $7 (does not include bowl or tweezers)

Short bead stair work $6



Flower tray $6  
Orange tray $5      
Round metal $6 (small edging may be sharp)     
Boat tray $5
Cooking lady $6   
Japanese lacquerware $8
Metal octagon $6 (sharp edges)
Sunflower $6


Nesting baskets (set of 2) $9
Shiny bag $5


Chalkboard box $6
Basket with a lid $4
Mailboxes (each) $3
Cookie box $3
Suitcase box $4
Wedding box $3
Picnic basket $10
Flower box $3

Nesting boxes

Octogon boxes (set of 2) $8
Mesh top boxes (set of 2) $8


Eric Carle buckets (set of 2) $4
Rooster bucket $6
Heart basket $3
Flower basket $6
Red bucket $3

Sorting containers

Underwater sorter $4
Airplane $5
Red brownie lollipop sorter $8
White sectioned sorter $4
Metal sectioned sorter $5 ("fish" for things in water and sort into this)
Baby animals $3.50
Stars (note colored markings) $3.50
Bears $3


Red dishes $5 (3 sets available) (for place setting work?) 
Scallop dish $6
Pineapple dish $3
Holly trays $6
Holly dish & tray $6
Blue dish $5    (2 available)
Watermelon plate $5 (food prep...)
Flower plate $3    (note 4 scratches)
Many flowered plate $3
Grape leaf dishes (set of 2) $8
Halloween plate $3     (note imperfect finish at top) 

Cups and bowls


Flowered bowls (set of 3) $6
Fish bowl $3
Snowflake cups $5
Blue square bowl $3
Small metal bowl with lid $3
Metal triangle bowls (set of 2) $10
Red and black bowls (set of 3) $6

 Practical Life water work (syringe) 

Green circles $5
Pink puzzle (not for sale)
Green apples $5

Pairs of painted wooden pieces

$.75 per piece (example:  Sweets = $9)

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