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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you want to swap?

If you would like to own some of these fun learning materials, I am starting to swap and sell items.
I will be adding a lot more games, puzzles, toys, activities, cards, and books soon.

Please note:  All of these games are USED.  Please ask me about their condition.  They are all playable, but some may be missing nonessential pieces.

If you want to buy:

Each material at 
is $5 (Paypal, plus shipping).

If you want to swap:

Find items at
Some of the games from will also move to the swap or sale area.

You may be interested in looking at the Montessori area, too, but most of those are for the library (not for sale) :

Email me at with the names of the items you want to get and the ones you want to send.

I will let you know if the items you want to send will work.  When I receive the items, I will send the requested materials.  





Child sized cutting board (for food preparation)



Kids playing Mouse Match (color game)

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