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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Saturday afternoon before school starts

Cutting jicama in the kitchen (today was actually green onions)

Step N Spell (step on letters to spell words)

One of several popular matching games (Marvel Spiderman & Friends)

I'm sad today because the little guy can't start transitional kindergarten.  I thought he could, but he'll just have to start next year.  It can be a challenge keeping these guys learning and growing in good ways.

I've been thinking a lot about our schedule.  J. starts piano lessons on Monday.  I've tried to keep our lives from becoming overscheduled, but I do so much driving (J.'s charter Montessori school is far away - especially with traffic).  She has Spanish lessons, and she wants to do swimming.  Even without joining on the soccer bandwagon (so far), it always seems like we're running around.  And I miss the library.

My garden needs work.  We aren't doing enough reading.  They are watching too many shows.  We don't have time for playdates.  At least we got some cleaning and organizing done over the break.  Oh yeah - we start again on Monday.  Boo.

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