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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday report - latest & greatest

I have 6 game events at the public library this month!  And they're paying me!
People are starting to use the Montessori library, too.  
Someone recently checked out the land and water form trays and the moveable alphabet.

Unfortunately I didn't want to interrupt our fantastic anatomy lesson to get pictures, but it included human X-rays, a large model, and several books with pieces, overlays, and amazing pictures.

J dressed the paper dolls from around the world.

P is working on identifying coins.  
We used the fractions to talk about how many of each coin goes into a dollar.
This bingo is for older kids (like my 3rd grader)

Here are some new additions to the game library.  
The craft activities are often one time use, so my kids do them, or I sell them. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spare parts for sale

These extra parts are just lying around, and maybe someone can use them.

3 part card trays $8
White display containers $1.75 and $2

Wooden moveable alphabet $15 (missing k & o)

Metal insets (no knobs) $3 each

Teen board $10

Small wooden number cards $10 (missing #1)

Small hexagonal box (missing red triangles) $10

Spare parts $3 each

Science puzzles $3

Friday, October 4, 2013

Birthday party kits (free shipping!)

I packed up 3 boxes of games, cards, puzzles, and activities that come with free USPS priority shipping anywhere in the contiguous US.  These used games are a great value and would provide hours of learning fun. 

Every box is $40, and I accept Paypal.  Boxes would arrive in a few days.  I indicated on some items that their boxes would not fit into the package.  

If you are interested in more packs like these, please let me know.

Game Pack #1 (gone)
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Ladybug Game (no box)
Very Hungry Caterpillar (3 player)
Maisy's First Game Book
Disney Princess checkers (no box)
Scooby-Doo matching cards
Alphabet flash cards
Writing board
Snakes & ladders (like Chutes & Ladders)
Miffy and Friends lacing cards
Toddler jigsaw set

Game Pack #2 
Diego Memory
Horton Hears a Who game (no box)
1,2,3 Number Jumble (Sesame St., 4 player)
Alphabet Match cards
Alphabet Fun cards
Writing board
Wooden spinning ABC
Wooden game board

Game Pack #3 (gone)
Let's Make Greeting Cards kit (no box)
Mini Flower Press and Nature Cards kit (no box)
Smath game
Quiddler (card game)
Scrabble Slam (card game)
Tiddley Winks
Pickup Sticks
3 D moon puzzle
50 US States puzzle
I Spy puzzle (1 piece off color)