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Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday report - latest & greatest

I have 6 game events at the public library this month!  And they're paying me!
People are starting to use the Montessori library, too.  
Someone recently checked out the land and water form trays and the moveable alphabet.

Unfortunately I didn't want to interrupt our fantastic anatomy lesson to get pictures, but it included human X-rays, a large model, and several books with pieces, overlays, and amazing pictures.

J dressed the paper dolls from around the world.

P is working on identifying coins.  
We used the fractions to talk about how many of each coin goes into a dollar.
This bingo is for older kids (like my 3rd grader)

Here are some new additions to the game library.  
The craft activities are often one time use, so my kids do them, or I sell them. 

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