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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still testing...

I've made some changes to the game library.  Instead of the one-time $30 fee for joining the library, people can now join by donating new (2) or used (4) games.  Games may be picked up and dropped off (by members of my library) at public library events.  I am also putting together a mailing list.  I'm selling groups "lots" of games on Craig'slist.  I've also decided to sell a lot of my Montessori materials.  I need more space in my house (and storage), and we're just not using the Montessori materials much (both kids are in Montessori schools, and the baby won't need them for 3 years).  I am most interested in selling many items at a time, so I'm hoping people will get a lot at once.

Pictures of us playing Money Bags (teaches coins)

and working at the Enrichment Fair event

 Games for older players


Games for younger players



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