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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Out with the old - Game Swap event

Game Swap

On Saturday CV Game Library hosted a free community Game Swap event at CV Library.  

It was a hit with both moms & kids.  

My sister and I set up tables, labeled by age group or category (toys, puzzles, games needing TLC).  People got tickets & stickers for every item they brought.  They could choose prices if we pulled their ticket, and they showed stickers when they left to prove they had brought games.  

They brought really good quality games, and left excited with things they had been looking for.  

Several people asked when the next swap is, and I plan to do another one sometime.

Just wanted to say thanks to the moms who put together the game and toy swap! It was so awesome. We brought a huge bunch of things my kids did not use anymore and they got an equal amount back! Was easy and fun.  Thanks again K

Yes, thank you America,
My son was jumping for joy when I brought him his new games and I got to clean out the closet. Yay! What a great service you provided for the community. Thank you so much! B

A big thanks from us, too!  My kids are having a great time with their new loot! -C

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