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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - Toss your cares & curls away (& Yahoo Montessori_Swap group)

Another update - 
I was counting the fees twice, which doesn't help when doing the math.  You can actually make money (even with fees & shipping).  And they have great things for sale.  And I really like the customer service.

**Update** can be a good place to buy things, and I've been happy with the things I swapped for.  If you want to trade what you have for something different, it works.  But - 

I tracked all the numbers on a spreadsheet, and after taxes, fees, and shipping (both ways), I didn't really make anything.  The customer service is good, though, and they've sent me some promotions.

The title references a movie quote from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

I am hoping this swap site works well.  I sent a box of items away, and they are up and priced on the site.

They only accept kids' (& teens') items, and items must have all the pieces.

It costs $9 to ship a huge box.  Boxes are expensive.  They give you the option of requesting boxes ($3), which I might do.  They charge $1 per item + 20%, which adds up (but I've sold on eBay & Amazon, and the shipping and fees really kill you).  

You can buy using cash or swap what you have for something else.  In theory you can get more value out of your used items by trading.  

I've had one item bought and one item traded so far.  

They also have some good fundraising options for groups like schools.

Montessori_Swap (Yahoo groups)

A shout out to all the wonderful people from Montessori_Swap who have visited my blog.  

I appreciate the resource for finding and circulating Montessori, homeschool and other learning materials.  

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