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Monday, July 14, 2014

Montessori resources (Game library pioneer)

Check out my new Yahoo group "Toy & Game Libraries."  I would love to connect with toy libraries from all over and build a high quality conversation.

Heddi Craft has been running a toy library in Santa Cruz, CA, for years.  I think she started the Educational Resource Center and, from what I can tell, she now works with Discovery Learning Center.  There are several good articles on her work, which I did not collect but may post later.  I need to pick her brain!  Some of her thoughts on why a toy library makes sense -

The Discovery Learning Center website has a page on Montessori resources (they recently acquired a collection of Montessori stuff.  Like the stuff I just sold).

Another person who has a lot to offer is Deb Chitwood at Living Montessori Now.  Among other things, she posts information on creating and acquiring activities (& gives me a lot of encouragement by following my blog).

I sent some info to the local newspaper, and they published it!:

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