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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Family Fun

What I've been up to:

"Planes" outdoor movie event.
After I demonstrated how to use puppets 
(I guess kids don't play with them enough anymore), 
they decided they might be fun enough to try.
The Disney soundtrack was fun for the puppets to sing to.

I also did puppet making and giant bubbles but unfortunately didn't get pictures.

Moving my collection from one place to another (before)

Pictures of some of the games (after)

Preschool materials I'm selling

My tall 10 month old who now walks and (as of today) gets out of her crib unassisted

Getting a head start on her Jedi training, too.

 Giving dolls haircuts before I sell them at the Senior Center Sale

Krispy Kreme Pirate Day - I really love donuts

My baby garden.  Apparently my soil is still messed up (Not this box.  It's all compost)

International paper dolls my children were using

My son playing dress ups

Quick trip during fall break

Lincoln Logs from Preschool Game Time 
(My 4th grade daughter built them - during her 2 weeks off school)

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