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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fun Fuzzy Felt Activities

I found some fun laminated fuzzy-felt sets today.  I loved playing with these as a child:



Here are some other vintage sets:



There are a number of pricey sets, and you can also make your own.  Here are some kits to give you ideas:

Here are some homemade ideas from Pinterest (playsets,busybooks):

Check out several felt activities from Josh, Laura, Brynlee, and Mya

I am selling this item through  I did not find another one for sale anywhere:
For sale: Laminated Fuzzy Felt on online consignment storeFor sale: Laminated Fuzzy Felt on online consignment store

Here are some other things I'm currently selling:

This item (or similar) is available for check out through the lending library:

For some reason, the colors in the new sets don't appeal to me as much, and reviews said the pieces were a little small.  I also like the creativity required and developed when people create their own creatures.