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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New Blog Highlighting Used Educational Games, Toys, & Supplies

Reuseful Learning Materials describes the current collection of fun, educational materials in my lending library (Salt Lake Toy Library, part of my business, Work Kids Love).  I buy items mainly from thrift stores and (I also sell there).  I often buy two copies of the game for the pieces.  Sometimes I substitute a piece.  There is usually a way to play the game, even if we adjust, such as playing with 3 instead of 4 players.

This blog will highlight items members can borrow, and I hope a larger community will discuss learning materials, problems with used games that can be solved, and other items of interest (like who wants to buy or sell some of these games).

In addition to these items, a variety of Montessori materials are also available for check out.  I will posting them on My Montessori Materials so that those with a Montessori focus can find items without having to sort through unrelated pictures.